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きつね の かわいい

rambles from a random girl

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About Me

Hello there, I'm Danielle but nickname is Lime-chan and welcome to my livejournal. I'm 20 years old and currently reside in Virginia. At the moment I'm attending J.Sargent Reynold community college where I major in the culinary arts. I'm the oldest of 3 kids *I have 2 younger brothers*.

In this journal you'll find various rants and sometimes even a few of my drawings. I'm a open minded person and don't take to kindly to very close minded people mind you >.< . So now onto my interest and for starters I like anime and manga. When it comes to music I'm open to any kind except certain types of hip hop/rap songs. I also like drawing and have always enjoyed it since I was four. I enjoy meeting new people even though I can be shy at times TT^TT. So hopefully this short bio will help some.

nickname:: Lime-chan
age:: 21
D.O.B:: 9/23/1987
ethnic:: African ameircan
height:: 5'6
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♥♥Likes♥♥ anime, manga, yaoi, yuri, drawing, reading, making web graphics,hanging out with friends, bishounen, bishoujo, shounen ai, shoujo ai, randomness, cheese, jpop, kpop, jrock, kpop, plushies, nice people and some other things that I just can't think of listing

xxDislikesxx close minded people, mean people, bees, spiders, types of hip/hop and rap songs.

♥♥favorite movies♥♥
+ Nightmare Before Christmas
+ Sweeney Todd
+ 3 Extremes
+ Corpse Bride
+ Transformers
+ Batman: The Dark Knight
*** more to come soon

♥♥favorite shows♥♥
+ Late Night with Conan O'Brien
+ America's Next Top Model
+ Reaper
+ The Simpsons
+ Family Guy
+ My Name is Kim Samsoon
***more to come soon

♥♥currently watching♥♥
+ Nabari No Ou
+ Boys Over Flowers *Korean ver.*
+ Heroes
+ soon there will be a few more

♥♥current mangas♥♥
+ yaoi mangas :P
+ will list later

♥♥current singers/groups♥♥
+ Se7en
+ Bi (Rain)
+ The Trax
+ Janet Jackson
+ Miyavi
+ Kara
+ Kat Tun
+ Utada Hikaru
+ BoA
+ Lady Gaga
+ Evanescene
*** more soon

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