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:( I always tell myself to update my lj but I never do.

Hello! *echo echo echo*

Decided to update my journal not sure if anyone on my flist will read this but, I have a twitter, tumblr and facebook account that I update more than my livejournal. Its been awhile since I've updated and I mostly use this journal to check out the communities I frequent. I haven't forgotten most of ya awesome peeps (≧∇≦)/.

I've been working these days quit my job of 2 years and now I work at new job in retail *again*. Why I quit the my other job well....I got tired of the poor management and wanted to start a new. Still planning on going back to school and even working on some webcomics this year. This year I hope to travel some more my list of places to go are Comic-con 2012, another trip to L.A., New York *again* , Canada and whatever life takes me.

So here are my links to my other accounts:
tumblr - http://raimuchan.tumblr.com/
twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/DanielleDooley2
facebook - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=68136931

feel free to add me and I'll add ya back till then take care (◕∇◕)ノ °☆.。

I cannot be friends with moochers

I never though I'd have to end a close friendship this way but, unfortunately she brought this upon herself. If she really cared about our friendship should would have told her sister to stop asking me for money. If she really cared about her sister she would tell to stop using illegal substances and to clean up her act. She'd help her to actually find a job not resort to asking a friend for money constantly. Her sister has yet to pay me back for 4 years and she still ask for more. Its sad that when she calls I already know the reason why she's calling...I don't want to deal with that shit constantly. So its come to this and really I could careless.

I'm not dead!......yet

Hey there just wanted to update on here since I haven't for a long time and it's a bad habbit too. Lately I've either been working, checking my facebook and other things. So I aplogize that I haven't commented much and this journal has a update every 6 to 10 months I think?

Well I've been working my current job since March and next month will mean that I've stayed at the same job for more than two months. Its not the perfect job but, hey it pays the bills. Currently I work as a server for a hotel and in the begging things were good: I got tons of hours, cool staff and hotel discounts. Now my hours are cut by alot and what little extra money I got from overtime is no more. So now I'm off job hunting again until I find something better. Its funny that ever since I started working there it made me start to really dislike people. Now I've worked jobs with people interactions before but, I enjoyed it. Not with this one of course and I began to see some not pretty sides of others. Then again no one is perfect, so I'll just stick through it.

Last year I actually went to a few places because I had enough money. The No Doubt concert that I mentioned in a entry before was awesome and the view from the hotel was beautiful *maybe I'll post pics*. Then I did 3 out of town trips: D.C.,Atlanta, Pennslyvania. Now I've been to Washington D.C. before but, I never got to really check out everything. So my family and I hopped on the metro and stayed at the closet hotel in the area. It was really close to smithsonians and the nightly rate was $225 a night. So the next morning we did our share of site seeing and took a few photos before leaving. Next up Atlanta which was the first trip that my brothers and I took. Although, we didn't site see much because are original intention was to visit family and we had a blast. As for Pennslyvania I could on about all hilarious family stories I heard during the stay.

Now for this year the next trips are L.A. for the Korean Music Festival, The Dominican Rebuplic, Otakon, Canada? ,and New York. So maybe I'll drop a few entries here after each trip. Till then take everyone!


RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, its sad both passed away on the same day

My first concert

I'm so excited to go to my first real concert **its NoDoubt** nextweek with marine_and_lime and I've already booked our hotel room for a low price thanks to my employee discount. Now the only things I have left do is hope I get my requested days off, get a new digital camera and hope everything goes well. So I'll be in Virginia Beach for three days ^^

I finally got a job

This time I'm not going resign from it either. I was so happy when I found out that I impressed both of the interviews and excited to start this weekend. So looks like bringing up my confidence and food service experience paid off ^.^


It actually did snow! I'm really happy about this its about dang time!

Boys Over Flowers *thanks satalite*

Yea really short entry....but I'm now becoming obsessed with this drama XDDDDD

Happy Valentines Days and stuff

I haven't posted in weeks, darn sorry for my lack of updating. So now its a new year and I haven't made any resolutions because I'm usually to lazy to accomplish them.

About two weeks ago I went to a open house for a new restarunt that was hiring and it was badly handled. I'm not sure if the manegers knew that many people would show up or they just didn't bother to get prepared. So I came about 30 minutes before the time the open house was going to start and waited inside with a few other people. As time went by more people showed up and a few of the interviwers handed out applications. The people who finished their applications had to wait for their interviews. So this is where things weren't handled well, the people who arrived early and turned in the applications had to wait 1 to 2 hours to be called. Some people who arrived later than them got called first and after waiting for 2 hours I left. Then again I had the same thing happen to me at a previous open house *which I'm not going to get into*. I guess in all my job hunting is still continuing.

Lastweek akira_kaitaki came over to eat some dumplings that my mom made and also to hang out for awhile. I also gave her a drawing that I owed her 3 years ago. So we began talking about how a few things that haven't changed, like I remember around the time I was in middle school and the two popular animes at the time were Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. So anytime someone drew some type of anime character the first comment they would get "is that a Dragonball Z character" lol. Since apparently any character with spikey hair is Goku?. Of course I'm not saying that all people thought the same thing though but, it was funny and didn't bother me much. That was until I found out from brother that there are some people who still use that same comparison although, it seems that now a few kids at his school replace it with Naruto. Its just kind of funny to see the little changes and laughing at it.

Also I really get annoyed with the weather were I live. Since it goes from cold to one week then warm and so on. Not only that we haven't had much snow and what we do get it mostly a dusting. So now I just want spring to start since winter has pretty much been on and off. I forgot to mention that I saw that Twilight movie last year and my friend and I pretty made jokes about the movie >.< sorry to any fans of the books *no hard feelings ok?*

Well Happy Valentines Day and take care ^__^